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The Many Benefits of

Cadetting has a many benefits whether you join as a cadet or and adult Instructor.

Why become a Cadet?

Becoming a Cadet has heaps of benefits. The most obvious being that you get to take part in loads of exciting and challenging activities such as fieldcraft, adventure training, first aid, music, sports and shooting, to name but a few.

When you join as a cadet you will make lots of new friends and get the opportunity to go on annual camp where you will meet cadets from other islands in the country. You may even get to go on expeditions to amazing places in the UK and sometimes even abroad.

The Army Proficiency Certificate (APC) training syllabus will teach you leadership skills, discipline and give you self-confidence you never thought possible. You will learn a wide range of transferable skills such as: the ability to command tasks; make decisions under pressure; plan and organise tasks and work as an effective team player as well as independently. These skills will equip you for life and add an extra string to your bow at times when competition for college places and employment is fierce.Through your cadet training you can also gain valuable qualifications such as the Duke of Edinburgh’s Award.

“Cadetting was one of the best decisions I’ve ever made in my life. i got to do things that many kids wouldn’t normally get the opportunity to do and for that I am thankful. I Can’t wait to come back as an adult instructor!”

Register your interest to join and we will arrange for you to come in and meet us and find out more.

Why Become a Cadet Instructor?

Volunteering can be an excellent way of gaining new skills or developing talents and knowledge that you already have. For some it is an opportunity to give something back to the local community, or to make a difference for young people. It is also a fantastic way of gaining transferable skills which will benefit you in your career. Above all, it’s a great way to have fun and meet new people!

Working alongside other adults at your unit, you will develop teamwork and leadership skills in a whole new environment. Sometimes this can even lead to a career change or a promotion. Simply by helping run cadet activities, you can earn yourself a range of respected vocational qualifications, of real value in today’s workplace.

You will have a chance to try out all the activities on offer to cadets and may choose to specialize in a particular area. As any one of our thousands of adults will tell you, it is watching the cadets grow and develop, and knowing that you have helped them along the way, which is the most rewarding part of being in the TCICC.

If you can give up one or two evenings a week and want to do something productive and exciting with your free time, this could be exactly what you are looking for. Why not give it a try? What are you waiting for.

Register your interest to volunteer and we will arrange for you to come in and meet us and find out more.