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our TRAining

The TCI Cadet Corps follow a syllabus based on the Army Proficiency Certificate (APC). There are five levels to the APC; One, Two, Three and Four Star level, and Master Cadet each containing the same subjects but with increasing levels of complexity.

our programs

 The Turks and Caicos Islands Cadet Corps training programme is patterned off the UK Army Proficiency Certifcate (ACF)

Marine (sea) Cadets will participate in many sea activities all while pursuing regular cadet training. “Ready aye Ready”

Band Cadets gain the opportunity to learn and play music. Cadets perform at many events both at home and abroad.

additional activities

D of E Award Program

The Duke of Edinburgh's Award is one of the world's most popular development programmes for young people aged 14-25. The Award includes four categories of highly practical, cultural and adventurous activities.

internship program

The six weeks long internship program provides cadets with the opportunity to build experience while working alongside some of the best employers in the country

Exchange Program

See what cadetting is like with the experience of a lifetime by participating in camps both regionally and internationally