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Band Cadets

With more Cadets joining than ever before the future of Cadet Force Music continues to look bright.

Unleash the musician in You!

Most cadet corps have a band and cadets are being invited to perform at all kinds of events both at home and abroad. This is no different for the TCI Cadet Corps, the band program was launched in early 2019. With the launching, the Band gained great exposure by providing musical renditions at functions such as Cocktails, Weddings, Civic Functions, Parades, Graduations, and various other functions. 

Aside from gaining the technical ability to play an instrument, music improves commitment, discipline and self-esteem. Whatever your standard or choice of instrument, you are welcome to join, and once you reach a reasonable level, you will be able to take part in your band’s busy schedule of engagements both in locally and internationally.  The Band not only play music; they engage in the regular Cadet Force curriculum. All cadets must complete their basic training  before joining the band. The band offer the opportunity to play a wide variety of instrument such as:

The goal for each band is to have balanced instrumentation.This year we will focus on improving the skills on our instruments, including increased range and control, playing with a characteristic tone, supporting the sound with airflow, technical facility,  note-reading, rhythm reading, playing together, and balancing the sections of our band. Band members are entrusted with the responsibility to care for the instruments once issued. Not only may you gain camaraderie  and the opportunity to travel the world, but by following a structured syllabus, but some cadet will receive the opportunity to sit exams from the Royal School of Music.

Training Hours

The Training Hours for this program are as follow:


@ Down Town Ball Park
Saturdays (PT)- 1:00 PM – 4:00 PM

Grand Turk

@ Police Station
Wednesdays- 3:30 PM- 6:00 PM